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Summer Classes for Children and Adults

Online Summer Weekly Classes 2020 now enrolling!

June 15- July 31

Drawing and Painting
Instructor: Vicente Saavedra

Weekly classes Monday to Thursday, limited to 5 students per class

These online classes are for children ages 10 and up. All levels welcome! Students sign up for either drawing or painting. The teacher will present to the class options of imagery to work from, and together the class will discuss shapes, lines, proportions, values, hues, and other concepts to be considered for the artwork. Each week’s goal is to finish an entire drawing or painting.
Classes are subject to registration and a minimum of three students per class. Students register for at least one week of classes, from Monday to Thursday (four days).
Weekly Classes: 10 am to 10:55 am: “Drawing the form with charcoal/pastels”
11am to 11:55 am: "Painting the form with acrylics".
Students develop observational techniques such as sighting for proportional relationships, perspective, and design. Line, shape, value, texture, space, and principles of strong composition are some of the concepts we explore.

Subjects for drawing: still lifes, portraits, landscapes, figures in actions
Subjects for painting: still lifes, landscapes, animals, other subjects

Cost: $100 per week plus materials

Materials list

A materials list and links will be provided upon request and will be sent after registering.

Drawing pads for charcoal and pastels, charcoal pencils, pastels
Canvas boards or stretched canvases (no larger than 14 inches), paint brushes, acrylic paint

To sign up for our summer classes, please click on "REGISTRATION" at the menu and follow the instructions. For more information please write to