Art Academy
Art Academy of Westchester
Summer Classes for Children and Adults

Summer classes TBA 2020

Drawing and Painting Projects

Instructor: Vicente Saavedra

These classes are for children and adults, ages 10 and up. All levels welcome! Students can bring their own projects and choose to either draw or paint using charcoal, pencil, pastels, acrylics, watercolors, or oils. Or we can set a small still life and learn fundamentals of drawing and painting! Working from life is encouraged in order to develop observational techniques such as sighting for proportional relationships, perspective, and design. Line, shape, value, texture, space, and principles of strong composition are some of the concepts we study. High school, Intermediate and advanced students are welcome to bring their own drawing or painting ideas. The instructor will provide guidance and support during the creation process. Advanced students should bring their own paint and brushes.

Classes are subject to registration (minimum 5 students, max 9 students per class). Materials are included. Students register for at least one week of classes.